New energies are coming in!

Hi guys, This is my first blog article ever about new energy waves and the symptoms that may manifest in our physical bodies. I have had one crazy, sort of an amazing day. The mood this morning was blurry and unstable, I was in a void. I usually have a vision about how the day... Continue Reading →


The purpose of life in 3D- summary

I am going to skip some steps with this post and make it really short.When I heard the idea I’m going to share I felt like there is nothing left for me to say besides it because the conclusions of this can be endless. Here it is: Go as far out in density as you... Continue Reading →

Who and what is a Starseed?

The common knowledge about Starseeds is that they are highly evolved souls who have chosen to come here from other dimensions or from other star systems with the mission of helping planet Earth and her people in the golden phase of evolution. I, however, have my own opinion on the matter. I believe that the... Continue Reading →

One way to explain Unconditional Love

The Source/God/The Creator of all is Neutral.He sees everything as just being.That is the short version explanation of what Unconditional Love means to me. This has always been the most mentioned concept among the spiritual community and the hardest one to grasp.It is the ultimate goal for the person who seeks spiritual enlightenment. But how... Continue Reading →

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