February 2019 Ascension symptoms. The Divine attunement to all abundance.

First of all, thank you for visiting and welcome to Indigo Adult Here! So February 2019 has started with some of January leftovers like a bit of anxiety and depression, loneliness and a feeling that something is about to end really soon. But… you guys, the following period of February… Oh Boy! Things are about... Continue Reading →

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How to use dreams to get answers and guidance. – The Dream Incubation Technique.

I have been using dreams to get answers all my life, and since I have started my awakening shift, I have been using a very efficient technique called Dream Incubation. It has been used for a long time, all over the world with excellent results, in different cultures. It is a very simple and efficient... Continue Reading →

“Great, I’m a Lightworker! B​u​t what’s my mission?”

It is said that Lightworkers are higher dimensional souls who have volunteered to incarnate on planet Earth with the important mission of helping through their abilities other souls that have chosen to awaken in this period of great changes.There are many characteristics that can describe what a Lightworker is, what are its abilities and traits.... Continue Reading →

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